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He finally stood still and took a photo with me ๐Ÿ˜ #lumpy #leopardgecko #itaketoomanypicsofmypet
@kris10chin got herself a #redfoottortoise today. He is actually the cutest thing and still in need of a name ๐Ÿข
Someone wanted food at wonderland #nature #groundhog

CORRECT DESCRIPTION:Mecha-Spomenik30x48, Pen on pulp-board drawing.Hugo Wong, Carleton University, 2014
I finally had the nerve to get an undercut.
Pretty Tiger Lilly from my day out in London last week  #nature #flowers
Old cameras everywhere, so wish I could try one out
Work took us on a tour of the elgin and winter garden theatre, my phone didn’t do it justice #ewg #architecture  (at Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres)